2.2 Browsing and discovering Airfrov listings

Looking for unique gift ideas or wondering what are the latest hot-selling products from overseas?

Airfrov serves as a discovery platform; the home page lists the latest trending and recommended products.

You may also browse through the various country request pages to see what items others are requesting for.

If you come across a request that interests you, click on the “I Want This Too!” button to copy the request. Ensure that the request fields are correctly filled before posting the request.

Open Requests

  • Requests awaiting an offer by a traveller. 

Offered Requests

  • A traveller has made an offer to help.
  • The requester has yet to accept / reject the traveller’s offer.

Accepted Requests

  • The traveller’s offer has been accepted by the requester.
  • The requester has placed the deposit for the request, and both parties are in the midst of the transaction.

Completed Requests

  • The requester has received the item and payment has been released to the traveller.