3.1 The basics of posting a request

1) To post a request, press the “+” post button at the bottom of the screen, and click on “Post Request”.

2) There are four sections which need to be filled out before posting a request.

3) Under “Item Details”, upload a clear and square-shaped picture of the item, and insert the item name and description. Be as detailed as possible so as to prevent any miscommunication with the traveller, and to avoid any accidental purchase of the wrong item.

4) For “Country”, state which country the item is to be purchased from.

5) Under “Collection Method”, indicate whether the requested-for product is perishable and/or fragile, as well as the item size. The corresponding available collection options will thereafter appear. It is important that the proper collection option is selected so as to prevent any delay, and so that the item will not be handled wrongly.

(Note: Ninja Collect and courier delivery are handled by Airfrov’s 3rd-party logistics partners.)

6) For “Price”, the “Price you are willing to pay” should consist of the cost price of the item, as well as the reward to the traveller for helping you obtain the item. Airfrov charges a service fee of 7% + SGD 2 on top of this amount; it helps keep Airfrov and running!

Remember to include all relevant taxes (duty and/or GST) payable to the Singapore Customs in your 'Willing to Pay' price, when you put up a request to purchase the item.

7) Once all four sections are filled out, click on “Post”. Your request will appear in the corresponding country’s listing. You may edit your request as long as it remains “Open”.