3.3 A traveller has offered to help. How do I place the deposit?

1) When a traveller has offered to fulfil a request, click on the “View Offer” button at the bottom of the request page to view the traveller’s offer.

2) In the "View Offer" page, do take note of the traveller’s “Return Date to SG”. If a counter-offer is made, the updated updated “Offer Price” is highlighted.

Travellers have 7 days from the return date, to deposit items at Airfrov. If there is no response or delivery by a traveller beyond this 7-day period, the requester may request for the transaction to be cancelled, to which a full refund (inclusive of service fee) is given.

3) If you accept the traveller’s offer, a full deposit (inclusive of 7% + $2 service) is required. The deposit is held securely by Airfrov until (1) you receive your item and instruct for payment to be released, or (2) 7 days after the traveller delivers, whichever is earlier.

Travellers are advised not to purchase any item until the deposit is placed.

4) If you do not wish to save your credit/debit card details on Airfrov, turn off the "Auto Save" function under “Settings” -> “Payment Settings”.