5.1 How are Airfrov credits used and earned?

The Airfrov credits available in your account can offset your purchases via the platform. SGD 5 Airfrov credits are automatically utilised for every minimum SGD 25 spent, and will be deducted when the deposit is placed. 

A limit of SGD 100 Airfrov credits can be stored, with a maximum of utilisation of SGD 20 Airfrov credits per transaction.

Access your “Airfrov Credits” page via the “Profile” menu.

To redeem any referral or promo code, click on the “Redeem Code” button. You may also share your own referral code via the “Copy Code” or “Share” buttons.

Earning Airfrov Credits

For every friend who redeems your referral code prior to his/her first transaction, you will receive SGD 10 Airfrov credits when he/she posts a request and completes the transaction. 

*Note: Travellers who offer their referral code to first-time requesters they’re transacting with will not receive the SGD 10 referral bonus.