2.1 Overview on how Airfrov works

For requesters:

  • They now have the accessibility to buy overseas products by getting a traveller to help with the purchase; and
  • Requesters can save on potentially exorbitant shipping costs, by tapping on the unused luggage space of travellers.

For travellers:

  • Earn extra money by helping requesters purchase and bring back items from overseas; and
  • Travellers can attain the status of a 'Verified' or 'Super' Traveller, and thereafter fulfil more requests and post product recommendations.

Quick tips for requesters:

  • Requesters can post a new request or copy an existing request using the “I Want This Too!” button;
  • Travellers can offer at the requester's "Willing to Pay" price or make a counter-offer;
  • Once the traveller's offer is accepted, the requester has to place a full deposit, which will be held securely by Airfrov; and
  • The requester releases the payment to the traveller only after receiving the item, or is automatically released 7 days after the traveller delivers.

Quick tips for travellers:

  • Travellers can post their upcoming trips to receive notifications of matching requests for their trips;
  • A traveller may “Offer to Help” at the requester's “Willing to pay” price or make a counter-offer (up to 10 offers);
  • The amount the traveller earn is the difference between the “Willing to pay” amount and the cost price of the item;
  • Only purchase the product once the deposit is placed; and
  • Payment will be released when the requester receives the item and releases the payment, or 7 days after the traveller delivers, whichever is earlier.