2.5 How do travellers hand over the items to requesters

Travellers are to deposit all fulfilled requests at the Airfrov Collection Centre.

Requesters may opt for one of three collection methods:

  • Self-collection from the Airfrov Collection Centre;
  • Self-collection from one of multiple collection points around Singapore via Ninja Collect (only for small-sized items); or
  • Courier delivery service (additional charges apply for fragile items).

Please be informed that all courier service deliveries are carried out by Airfrov’s 3rd-party logistics partners. All perishable items shall be self-collected at the Airfrov Collection Centre, so that the integrity of the item may be maintained.

Any private meet-ups between the requester and the traveller are solely at their own risk and discretion. As Airfrov will not have oversight over private meet-ups, the company will not be able to assist in the event of a dispute.