2.6 What are Verified and Super Travellers?

Verified Travellers are users who have completed multiple 5-star reviews on Airfrov. They are invited onboard at Airfrov’s discretion, or are referred by existing Verified Travellers. 

Verified Travellers may fulfil up to 50 requests simultaneously, and are required to have their personal identities and contact details checked by Airfrov.

Verified Travellers may also post item recommendations on the 'Recommendations' page.

Super Travellers are previously Verified Travellers who have obtained at least 100 traveller reviews on Airfrov, with a minimum average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. They are upgraded at Airfrov’s own discretion.

On top of the existing benefits enjoyed by Verified Travellers, Super Travellers are able to fulfil an unlimited number of requests concurrently.