3.4 How will I know when my item is ready for collection?

Indicated at the top of the request page is a status tracker to show the progress of your request.

Click on the status tracker to open up the explanation text. Your item is ready for collection when the status of the request displays “Pending Acknowledgement”.

By accepting and bringing the product out of the Airfrov Collection Centre, requesters and/or their proxies agree that the Airfrov service was rendered satisfactory. Airfrov will not be able to assist in the case of a dispute if the requested-for item was accepted and collected, or if payment has been released to the traveller after the 7-day self-collection window.

For disputes with regard to courier service, the matter will be handled on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the evidence presented by the involved parties.

Also, remember to communicate with the traveller via the private chat or public comments section to ensure the correct item is purchased. The private chat is only activated once the deposit is placed.