6.1 My requested food item is spoilt. Can I get a refund?

Travellers are given a 7-day grace period after the return date to deposit the item at Airfrov.

Requesters may put up a request for perishable food products with short shelf-lives, or that require special handling (i.e. refrigeration or freezing), but do so at their own risk. Airfrov will not compensate requesters in the event these food products become unfit for consumption. 

Also, to ensure the safety of requesters, Airfrov may dispose uncollected expired or inconsumable food items.

The term "perishable food" refers any food that may spoil or otherwise become unfit for human consumption because of its nature, type or physical condition. Perishable food includes, but is not limited to, fresh or processed meats, poultry, seafood, dairy products, bakery products, eggs in the shell, fresh fruits or vegetables and foods that have been packaged, refrigerated or frozen.

Airfrov reserves the right in exercising its discretion in determining the classification of such products.