7.3 Can someone deposit or collect items on my behalf?

For Depositing of Items

Yes. Airfrov will check the items delivered. To expedite the deposit process, please label each item with the requester’s username and the request number.

For requests that are to be self-collected, the requesters will be notified that their items are ready for collection. For requests undergoing Ninja Collect or courier delivery, Airfrov will make to necessary arrangements.

For Collection of Items 

Yes. The person collecting on your behalf is expected to check the item and log into your Airfrov account to release payment to the traveller. Alternatively, you may click on “Release Payment” whilst your proxy is at Airfrov.

As a safeguard, Airfrov will not release any items to any proxy until the “Release Payment” action is made.

By accepting and bringing the product out of the Airfrov Collection Centre, requesters and/or their proxies agree that the Airfrov service was rendered satisfactory. Airfrov will not be able to assist in the case of a dispute if the requested-for item was accepted and collected, or if payment has been released to the traveller after the 7-day self-collection window.